About Us

Chris Spelius, the founder of Expediciones Chile, kayaked the Futaleufu (Fu, Futa) River for the first time in 1986. He thought he had found an unknown kayaking heaven in the Futaleufu River Valley, having paddled rivers all over the world. From a breathtaking backdrop of glaciers and craggy hills to champagne-colored, blue water trickling from immaculate pools, the Futaleufu River has it all. Chris was fascinated by the features of the river, from the thunderous class V+ rapids to the play waves situated above the dramatic, explosive class III wave trains. Chris was so taken aback by what he saw in Patagonia that, in only one year, he started the first-ever commercial whitewater kayaking tours on the Futaleufu River, giving rise to Expediciones Chile, or Kayak Chile.