kayak week in white water

Patagonia chilena, Chile
10 Days


Embarking on the Whitewater Adventure: Unleashing the Thrill of Rio Futaleufu

This week, known as the "Whitewater Tune-up," promises an exhilarating exploration of the Class II/III sections within the Rio Futaleufu river system. Our primary focus is skill development, gearing up to conquer the challenges of paddling through substantial water volumes. The expansive Futaleufu River and its tributaries, the Espolon and Azul Rivers, boast 45 miles of pristine whitewater. Notably, 33% of the rapids fall within the exciting Class II-III range.

1. Discovering the Espolon River

Dive into the Espolon River, where an extraordinary surf wave and meticulously formed eddies await. This section provides the ideal terrain for honing kayaking fundamentals, making it a key player in our skill development journey.

2. Conquering the Azul River Challenges

Navigate the Azul River with its dynamic Class II-III+ rapids and a walkable Class IV rapid. This challenging environment ensures a robust learning experience, pushing participants to enhance their kayaking prowess.


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