Exposure to big water

Patagonia chilena, Chile
6 Days


We will explore the Class III and IV areas of the Rio Futaleufu river system during this week, which we are calling "Intro to Big Water," and we will focus on honing the skills necessary to paddle large volumes of water. There are 45 miles of thrilling, unspoiled whitewater on the Futaleufu River and its tributaries, the Espolon and Azul Rivers, with 50% of the rapids being class III–IV. The Espolon River has great surf waves and well-formed eddies that are ideal for learning the foundations of kayaking. There are walking class IV rapids and class II–III+ rapids in the Azul River. We'll start you out on the huge water and then focus on paddling the thrilling Las Escalas and Wild Mile portion. The 'Terminator' segment of the Futaleufu, sans the Terminator, comes next. We paddle the "Bridge to Bridge" portion for graduation. The centre of the Futaleufu is this. This trip is not just an adventure, but it's also a fantastic way to learn how to advance your kayaking. When you get back to your own nation, you will be a different paddler.


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