Crossing the Andes internationally from Argentina to the Pacific

Patagonia chilena, Chile
6 Days


The Puelo drainage system's lakes, rivers, and fjords begin in Argentina's Parque Nacional Lago Puelo, which is close to El Bolsón. You will cross the isolated, unpaved border with Chile after passing the first two lakes. The lakes are drained by a class II river, which is squeezed through a small, breathtaking Class IV–V canyon in six km. We proceed six more kilometres and reach "El Porton," a gentler class III–IV canyon. Paddle sea kayaks from El Porton's end across the lakes and Class II–III negative whitewater to reach the ocean. On the left of the river sits Parque Nacional Pumalin. One of the Andes' most exquisite regions is this one. The successful completion of the Andes water crossing and the nation of samoa.


Argentina to Pacific Ticket


Argentina to Pacific Ticket

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